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Catherine and Kerry Marx - One Day At A TimeCatherine and Kerry Marx - One Day At A Time

Catherine and Kerry Marx
"One Day At A Time"

Prayerful songs.

1 How Great Thou Art
   [MP3 Sample Music Clip]

2 Dominique

3 Prayer of St. Francis
   [MP3 Sample Music Clip]

4 Holy, Holy, Holy
   [MP3 Sample Music Clip]

5 Amazing Grace

6 One Day At A Time
   [MP3 Sample Music Clip]

7 Still, Still, Still

8 The Lord's Prayer
   [MP3 Sample Music Clip]

Kerry and Catherine Marx
Kerry and Catherine Marx
9 Surely the Presence of the Lord

10 The Water Is Wide

11 Can I Rest Awhile With You, Lord

12 Ave Maria

13 On Eagle's Wings

14 Rise Above

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